How to Sell Enhanced Proposal Qualification to your Executive

Intelligent qualification for bids and proposals wins more business, reduces team tension, and increases efficiency. Learn how to talk to your executives about enhancing your qualification today.

Proposal teams possess strong insights into the relative strength of a proposal opportunity. But without the data to quantify their instincts about opportunity fit, demonstrate opportunity cost, and indicate win probability, executives tend to overlook the proposal team’s recommendations. 

It doesn't have to be this way.

This eBook will walk you through how to make the case for proposal qualification software to your executives using the language and frameworks that are most compelling to an executive’s mind. 

Download How to Sell Enhanced Proposal Qualification to Your Executives to learn the following: 

  • How to Make the Case for Enhanced Qualification Software to Your Executives
  • Understanding the Executive’s Role and how to position your call for better qualification
  • How to get the data and metrics needed to sway your boss
  • Ways to calculate company savings due to better qualification
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