Moneyball for Sales and RevOps: The 7 Advanced Metrics to Manage Your Team to Success

A new wave of advanced analytics is revolutionizing sales. This eBook shows you how to harness its power.

Moneyball-style sales analytics have moved well beyond baseball and are transforming the sales industry, powering more accurate qualification, smarter resource investments, and more precise forecasts. These insights enable more intelligent interventions that help increase close rates, quicken sales velocity, and boost revenue attainment.

There’s so much to gain from applying Moneyball thinking to Sales. So put your baseball cap on tight, because we’re going to detail the ins and outs of a whole new ballgame.

Download Moneyball for Sales: The Seven Advanced Metrics to Manage Your Team to Success to learn about the following:

  • The metrics most indicative of sales success
  • How to track the right data to power the most impactful metrics
  • How to transform that data into actionable insights
  • How to operationalize key metrics and reshape your business
  • Takeaways from applying Moneyball thinking to Sales
  • The revenue intelligence software powering the analytics revolution
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AI-Powered Revenue Intelligence for Your Team

Discover, refine, and monitor your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) with RevFit AI. Use your true ICP to prioritize your deals, monitor pipeline health, refine forecasting, and win smarter. 

  1. Discover, refine, and monitor your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) with data to quantify the ICP fit of each deal in your pipeline.

  2. Use your ICP Fit data to prioritize your teams' pipelines.

  3. Improve forecasting by calculating propensity to win, predicting close dates and leveraging AI-generated insights.

  4. Increase win rates, improve communication with your team, and start hitting your numbers more efficiently and consistently.
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